Maison Madame Ilary couture


Philosophy :

Maison Madame Ilary couture was born from the great passion and love for costume and fashion. The garments created and made are the result of a wealth of studies and experiences in tailoring and theater. They are sartorially made, because Maison Madame Ilary believes in uniqueness, in the expression of one’s personality, in fact clothes are the means to express ourselves.

The spirit:

Maison Madame Ilary loves to mix fabrics and styles, especially inspired by the 30s, 40s and 50s. A prêt-à-porter line of garments and turbans designed for a woman who chooses consciously, who chooses to like herself, who chooses a well-made and durable garment. A woman who doesn’t like conventions, who loves feeling free to choose outside the “fashion” of the moment. Everything that is created can be made to measure, the size does not exist for the sartorial world, there are clothes that enhance the body, our beauty. This prêt-à-porter line is enriched with unique and bridal items.

The maison:

Entering Maison Madame Ilary means dedicating a moment to yourself, being pampered and choosing the one that most resembles you, the one that can express your personality, an experience. .. I will welcome you as at home; for this reason I wanted to call it Maison, I will advise you if you want, I will dedicate my time to you, for me the goal is to give you a special moment where you are the protagonists. Because I firmly believe that each of us has a lot to say, because I believe that each of us is a universe to be revealed, because through clothes we can express ourselves. Through clothes we can “hide” or “reveal”


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Ilaria Parente
CEO / Founder

Maison Madame Ilary

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