“I’m Neapolitan, water and fire are my elements, a source of inspiration for my creations!”

 chi sono Ilaria Parente- Madame Ilary

I was a child and I went to the shows in my mother’s dressing gowns and nightgowns, dated from the 70s…now considered vintage, but in my imagination they were long evening dresses with magnificent fluttering tails. From that moment I started dreaming and I never stopped
Enchanted by what Wanda Osiris wore, I dreamed of creating crazy costumes for the show, beautiful dresses and turbans, perhaps because I fell in love with what my mother wore to her wedding (seen in her wedding photo on the dresser). And it is that silk turban from 1977 that I jealously guard in my Maison today, my good luck charm, the object I hold dearest.

The path:

I decided very early on what I wanted and what I wanted to become, a couturier and a costume designer. I believe my passion for clothes and costumes was born with me and has been nourished and grown through my journey, my whole life has been dedicated to this, my studies and my energies.
I graduated in fashion and costume at the Istituto d’Arte, I continued at the Academy of Fine Arts graduating in costume and scenography, and then landed on the fashion designer course at the IED in Milan. I worked as a costume designer and assistant, both in Naples and in Milan, going as far as tailoring at the Teatro Alla Scala (five years ago), this too was the advance of a dream; the love for opera was handed down to me from my grandfather who listened to it and loved the theater as I do too.

Passion in memories:

The passion for vintage comes from my aunts and grandmothers, women from the early 1900s who always dressed in an elegant even if modest way. Among my strongest memories is Aunt Elena combing her hair in front of her beautiful dressing table. They remain and form my great imaginative baggage. I dreamed of creating my own collection that would express my creativity, but also my point of view on femininity…and here is Maison Madame Ilary couture.


I’m Neapolitan, water and fire are my elements, a source of inspiration for my creations!

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Ilaria Parente
CEO / Founder


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